• What is Realbites and what is its mission?
    Realbites is a secure and innovative real estate tokenization investment platform, which works for our users to convert their savings into profitable investments.
    At RealBites, our mission is to help every person to truly own and have power over their investments and help them create wealth and increase their net worth, through digital, profitable, agile, liquid and secure instruments.
  • What is real estate tokenization?
    Property tokenization is the process of dividing a property into small parts called tokens. Each token represents a portion of the property and grants investors economic rights over the benefits generated by the property. The tokens are sold to different people, and each person who buys a token has a small ownership of the rights to the building. For example, if someone buys 10 tokens of a building that is divided into 100 tokens, that person owns 10% of the building and will receive 10% of the monthly rents and 10% of the building"s increased value.
  • What are the benefits of real estate tokenization?
    Real estate tokenization offers a number of benefits for investors, such as greater accessibility and liquidity compared to investing in traditional real estate, a lower barrier to entry, the ability to diversify your investment portfolio, and the opportunity to earn passive income from through monthly rentals.
  • Is it safe to invest in tokenized real estate?
    There are several reasons why investing in tokenized real estate is a safe option. Here are some of the most important:
    Blockchain Technology: Real estate tokenization is based on blockchain technology, which provides an immutable and secure record of all transactions that occur on the platform. This significantly reduces the risk of fraud and improves transparency.
    Supervision: At Realbites, we prepare a detailed document that stipulates all the characteristics of the investment instrument, including the identity and data of the issuer, the legal nature of the instrument, the economic rights associated with the token, the forms of compensation, the operational description of the business and financial projections, as well as investment risk factors, among many other important aspects. This document, known as " whitepaper " or "simplified brochure", is supervised and validated by an Investment Services Company (ESI) in compliance with the requirements of article 35 of the Securities Market Law and the criteria established by the National Stock Market Commission of Spain CNMV to ensure its transparency and security
    Smart Contracts: Smart Contracts automate the process of executing an agreement between two or more parties, reducing the need for intermediaries and preventing the possibility of human error. This guarantees that all parties involved comply with their obligations in a timely manner, increasing transparency and trust in the property tokenization process.
    However, as with any investment, there is always risk and investors are advised to carry out their own due diligence before making any decision.
  • How much money do I need to invest in property tokenization?
    At Realbites, the minimum investment amount to buy a token is 100 euros. This means that anyone interested in investing in real estate can do so with a relatively small amount of capital. Also, the number of tokens each person can buy depends on their budget and investment preferences.
    It is important to note that the number of tokens that a person owns determines the percentage of benefits that they will receive from month to month. These benefits can be both for rent and for the increase in the value of the property. For example, if a person owns a larger number of tokens, he will receive a higher percentage of the profit generated by the property based on the number of tokens he has purchased.
  • How is return on investment calculated?
    The return on investment in the token is calculated on an annual basis and is based on the monthly net income generated by the property, whether for tourist or long-term rentals. In addition, the projection of capital gains expected at the time of the sale of the property is considered. It is important to note that this calculation may vary depending on the nature of each project. Therefore, we recommend you review the whitepaper included in the information sheet of each project to obtain more detailed information on the financial instrument.
  • How long does the investment in real estate tokenization last?
    The duration of the investment varies according to the project, but for each project a certain period is established at the end of which the property is liquidated, the initial investment is returned and the profits are distributed to the investors based on their participation. The investment period can be from a few months to 5 years depending on the project.
    We recommend that you read the whitepaper included in the information sheet of each project to obtain more detailed information on the duration of the instrument.
  • Can I sell my token?
    Investing in tokenized real estate gives you the advantage of selling your tokens directly to other investors or through secondary markets, allowing you to obtain liquidity in a flexible way. At Realbites, we offer a safe secondary market to offer your tokens or buy from other investors. But it is important to note that, according to legal regulations, any buyer of your tokens must register on our platform and complete the identity verification process (KYC and AML) in order to receive the benefits of the token.
    We recommend using our secondary market, however, you are free to sell your tokens on any other platform or to other investors as long as you comply with the necessary regulations. At Realbites, we make sure that all of our users comply with legal requirements to ensure the security of our transactions and protect our investors.
    If you want to go to the secondary market of Realbites click here or go to https://www.token-city.com/es/realbites
  • How can I pay for my tokens?
    You have the following options to purchase your tokens:
    Any credit or debit card.
    Through cryptocurrencies.
    Bank transfer (available only for investors with a bank account of origin within the European Union).
    Once you choose the payment option that suits you best, our platform will guide you through the steps to follow.
    It is important that you consider that the payment by bank transfer may take up to the next business day to be verified, since it is subject to the validation of the receiving bank. You will receive your tokens once the transfer has been verified."
  • What are the characteristics that make a property-backed token a safe and reliable financial instrument?
    Investing in a real estate token is safer than investing in other financial instruments that are not backed by real estate for several reasons:
    Intrinsic Value: A real estate token is backed by real estate property that has intrinsic value. This means that the value of the token is backed by a tangible asset and not just by trust in a company or government.
    Inflation Protection: Real estate is a tangible asset that has historically held its value during periods of inflation. Therefore, investing in a real estate token can be a good option to hedge against inflation.
    Access to high-quality real estate investments: Investing in real estate can be expensive and requires a large amount of capital. By investing in a real estate token, investors can gain access to high-quality real estate investments through a fraction of the price.
    Liquidity - Unlike traditional real estate, real estate tokens are easier to buy and sell, allowing investors to access their investment faster and more efficiently. In addition, tokens can be traded at any time of the day, which means there is no need to wait for trades to close on a stock exchange.
  • What is KYC and why is it necessary to validate your identity on the platform to buy a token?
    KYC stands for "Know Your Customer" and is an identity verification process that is performed to determine the identity of a customer and verify that their data is accurate and reliable.
    In the context of purchasing a token, KYC is an important process that is required of us by law and helps ensure the security and legality of the transaction.
    KYC helps prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. In addition, KYC can help ensure that tokens are only sold to people who have the right to own them and that they comply with relevant laws and regulations.
    Additionally, KYC can also help protect customers from potential fraud, as token issuers can verify that the details provided by buyers are accurate and that the purchase is legitimate before processing it.
    In short, KYC is an important process to ensure the safety, legality, and protection of buyers in the token purchase process. Therefore, it is a necessary and mandatory measure to comply with the relevant regulations and laws regarding the prevention of illegal activities.
  • What is the suitability test
    The suitability test is an evaluation carried out on investors before allowing them to invest in a tokenized real estate investment project. The objective of the test is to determine if the investor has the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the risks and opportunities associated with investing in real estate and if the investment is suitable for their investment profile.
    In general, the suitability test is used to protect the investor and ensure that the investment meets their financial needs and investment objectives. The results of the suitability test can determine whether an investor is eligible to invest in the project, as well as the maximum amount that they will be allowed to invest.
    It is important to note that carrying out the suitability test does not guarantee that the investment will be successful or that the investor will not suffer losses. However, it helps to ensure that the investor understands the risks and rewards associated with the investment and is making an informed decision.
  • Is it possible to use or have access to a property if I have bought one or several tokens of it?
    Buying a token in Realbites is similar to buying a house to rent, as both are forms of real estate investment. If you buy a house to rent it out, you get money for the rent, but you can"t live in it or do whatever you want with it, because you"re renting it out. Similarly, if you buy a token on Realbites, you are buying a part of the ownership of the real estate, which entitles you to receive a part of the income generated by the exploitation of the real estate, such as rent or sale. However, you cannot use the property to live in it or do whatever you want, because you are not the full owner of it. In summary, buying a token in Realbites is a form of investment in real estate that allows you to receive income from the exploitation of the property
  • What is a Wallet?
    A wallet is a secure place to store your digital tokens. It works like an electronic wallet where you can save, send and receive tokens. It"s like having a virtual safe for your digital assets. When you buy a token on Realbites, the token is stored in your wallet. This is done so that you can have full control over your digital assets and make sure that no one else has access to them.
    In addition, the wallet also allows you to send and receive tokens with other people, which is useful if you want to sell your tokens or transfer them to someone else. In short, the wallet is a safe and convenient place to store your digital tokens, allowing you to have full control over your assets and make transactions easily and securely.
  • What is a "Whitepaper" or "Simplified Brochure"?
    A "whitepaper" is a fundamental document in a real estate tokenization project, since it describes in detail the objectives, the technology and the business model behind it. In a real estate tokenization project, the "white paper" details how the tokenization of a specific real estate asset will take place and how the resulting tokens will be issued and managed.
    The "white paper" includes information about the real estate asset, such as its location, physical characteristics, valuation and any other relevant details. Furthermore, it describes in detail how the tokenization will take place, including the platform used, security procedures, regulatory requirements, and technical details related to the issuance and management of the tokens.
    In addition, the "whitepaper" also provides information on the business model and the benefits for investors participating in the real estate tokenization project. It also includes details about the management team behind the project and their relevant background in the field of real estate tokenization and blockchain technology. In summary, the "white paper" is a key document in a real estate tokenization project that provides detailed information on how the tokenization will be carried out, the technical and security details related to the issuance and management of the tokens, as well as the benefits potential for investors.
    In Realbites the whitepapers are validated by an entity authorized to provide investment services "ESI" GABRIEL CARRILLO CAPEL EAF, SL registered with the official registration number 147 of financial advisory companies authorized by the CNMV and you can download them in the area documents for each project.
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