The tokenization platform that facilitates real estate investment, Realbites.

Thanks to its real estate tokenization model, it is now possible to invest in a property from as little as 100 euros, acquiring a token that represents a share in a property generating returns from day one.

This form of real estate investment offers numerous advantages, including immediate liquidity availability, the elimination of deed and property registration costs through the use of blockchain technology, and the ability to receive rental income generated by the property.


Realbites carefully selects the real estate properties it invests in, seeking those with high potential for appreciation, a successful track record of returns, and assurances of rental income or tourist usage profitability. In its launch phase, Realbites has focused its initial developments in the center of Madrid.


"We want people to have complete control over their investments. To help them generate wealth and assets through digital, profitable, agile, liquid, and secure instruments," mentioned Humberto Villanueva, CEO of Realbites.


With Realbites real estate tokenization, investing in real properties has never been so accessible and straightforward. This company positions itself as an innovative, flexible, and profitable option for those looking to grow their savings safely, easily, and effectively.



About Realbites

Founded in 2023 by three entrepreneurs with expertise in investment, technology, and business, Realbites aims to pioneer the democratization of real estate through the use of blockchain technology and the tokenization of real estate, making it simple and accessible for people who wish to participate in their income-generating properties.

Investors can start investing with as little as 100 euros by purchasing Bites in any of their investment projects. Currently, they have one investment project in Madrid, with two more in the pipeline in Spain.

Realbites is committed to promoting transparency and security in the blockchain space. The platform complies with all relevant regulations and standards in accordance with Article 35 of the Securities Market Law and the criteria set by the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), and adheres to best practices in data security and privacy.


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